COWA Coconut Water

As we all know, coconut water is a fine replacement for water. However, how often do we use this mobile privilege, fresh coconut water, to quench our thirst?

COWA coconut water is the best company for our busy lifestyle, shortening our distance with nature. It contains a large number of electrolytes that are necessary for our bodies, supplying our body with energy!

Handy and convenient, COWA coconut water is 100% coconut water. It is free of preservatives, water or spices.

COWA coconut water is beneficial to our health in many aspects. The Tetra-Pak package prolongs its life, helping to maintain its natural texture and flavor!

COWA coconut water truly is the healthy drink that we need. Always keep one when on a journey, allowing it to keep our families, friends and us full of energy!

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