About COWA

Coconut Water (COWA) Sdn Bhd was established in 2014. The birth of this company just right to capture the desire of Malaysians to drink coconut water at any time. COWA is the first company in Malaysia to provide locally packaged natural coconut water in Tetra Pak Prisma Aspetic packaging and was one of the first companies in Southeast Asia.

In a very short period of time, COWA is committed to ensuring that its products meet world-class standards. COWA coconut water quickly into the local supermarket, widely appeared in local and international exhibitions, and exported to the Chinese market. It also allowed it to quickly expand to other categories such as health, kitchen and medical. A few of these new products include coconut oil, coconut water of different flavors, coconut chips and other casual snacks.

This journey is made even more exciting as COWA offers healthier choices to consumers. Since 2015, COWA has satisfied the demand of more than 20 million people for coconut water in the world, the vast majority of which come from China.

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About COWA

COWA, a 100% natural coconut water sourced from imported coconuts, packed in Tetra Pak from Sweden and pasteurized, COWA turns the coconut hanging on the tree into a ready-to-eat, anywhere, anytime Delicious, not only to retain the maximum degree of coconut water, sweet and cool taste, but also preserved five of the major electrolytes, namely: potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus. COWA coconut water not only low card sugar, also contains less sodium than the average sports drink, is the best choice for healthy living.

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